Top highlights of Zanzibar

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Just saying the word “Zanzibar” conjures up visions of exoticism, so its not surprising that many aspire to travel here someday. Don’t be put off by its location in Africa, as the top highlights of Zanzibar will make a trip out here well worth any third world inconveniences that you might have to endure on your way here…

1) Touring a spice farm

Zanzibar has occupied a place in the global spice trade for many centuries, and with many farms scattered across the island that grow many Middle Eastern spices like cardamon and nutmeg. One of the highlights of a trip to a spice farm is saffron, as Zanzibar is one of the few places on Earth where this unique seasoning is cultivated.

2) Exploring the Jozani Forest

The hiking trails through the Jozani Forest take you through a variety of lush tropical vegetation, but the true highlight of visiting this nature reserve is getting to see the Red Colobus Monkey in its natural habitat.

This species of primate is exclusive to Zanzibar, and are protected in this park to protect them from farmers that used to kill them for ruining their crops. Be sure to take the optional tour through the mangrove forest as well, as it is chock full of flora and flora that will amaze you and your traveling companions.

3) Discovering Stone Town

One of the biggest highlights of a trip to Zanzibar for those into history is Stone Town, as it it was here where spices (and more sadly, humans) were traded over countless generations between the inhabitants of this territory and European traders.

Even today, a kaleidoscope of tropical fruit and spices can be purchased by travelers eager to get their hands on the flavorful foodstuff of this exotic East African island at the central markets in Stone Town. As for the Slave Market, signage is lacking, but you don’t need words to describe the desperation of the holding cells where innocent men, women and children awaited the sale of their soul and body to “superior” masters.

4) Ripping up the surf on Zanzibar’s southeast coast

While the surf breaks of Hawaii, Bali and Australia may be crowded, a refreshing amount of space awaits those willing to travel to Zanzibar with their surfboard in tow.

The southeast coast of the island is often lambasted with perfect barrels, with a variety of places for beginners and experts to test their mettle.

So long as you ask around about which areas host hazards like sea urchins, your day out on the water in Zanzibar should be an exciting one indeed.

5) Lounging on some of the most perfect beaches in all of Africa

If the above sounds a bit too harried for you, there’s nothing wrong with laying back on a sun lounger and enjoying some of the most perfect white sand beaches in all of Africa. With a lack of interlopers that are common in more popular holiday destinations around the world, you’ll finally have that blissful tropical beach that you have long dreamt about.

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