Top adventures in Costa Rica

photo by CC user Khaufle on wikimedia

What are the top adventures in Costa Rica? There are many activities scattered in different spots throughout the nation, but we think that the following picks will give you the best bang for your tourist buck. Check’em out below…!

1) Ziplining in Monteverde

Get your Costa Rican adventure off to a roaring start by making your way to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Here, a variety of adrenaline activities are at your disposal, including several zip lines. Many of these operations will have you soaring above or through the rainforest canopy at breakneck speeds, giving you the thrill of a lifetime, all while giving you the opportunity to see the abundant foliage that pre-dominates in this part of the world.

2) Climbing a volcano

While ascending peaks is an endeavor that is quite exciting all on its own, climbing an active volcano is an activity that will up the ante significantly in the danger department. While staff will not let you climb if there are any signs of recent or ongoing volcanic activity, there’s always a chance (however miniscule) that it might decide to wake up when you are climbing it.

If you are still undeterred, Arenal is one of this nation’s most popular destinations for trekkers … however, being the most active volcano in the nation, climbing to the summit is prohibited. Irazu and Poaz are much better bets, as their stability and the ease of access from roads that approch the summit make it easy to catch a glimpse of one of their seething calderas.

3) Surfing at Jaco Beach

With reliable swells, tons of surf schools, and a nightlife that is active throughout the course of the year, learning to surf in Jaco Beach is one of your best bets in Costa Rica for those looking for an ideal spot to pick up this sport.

Despite the fact that this locale has black sand, the beach looks a lot better in person than it does in many photographs of the place, making for pleasant surroundings while you learn how to pop up on a board on the beach.

4) White water rafting on the Rio Pacuare

Ranked recently by National Geographic Magazine as one of the top five locations in the world for whitewater rafting, the Rio Pacuare has a lot going for it lately as a place where one can rip their way through a roller coaster of frothy water without having to deal with the frigid waters of locales in the north. After all, the World Rafting Championships were held there in 2011, so if these Class III/IV waters are good enough for the pros, they ought to give you a bit of a challenge as well!

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