Things to do in Los Angeles on the cheap

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So you live in LA and you just lost your job just days prior to the big road trip you were set to go on. What crummy luck! Seeking out pink slip loans in Los Angeles can solidify your finances, keep you out of debt, and enable you to take some time to get over what just happened to you.

With that in mind, here are some things to do in Los Angeles on the cheap that will help build a staycation that will get your spirit and body back on track…

1) Be part of a live studio audience

Los Angeles is home to the beating heart of the American entertainment industry, with TV shows being shot here alongside all the movies you know and love.

Sitcoms, day time and prime time talk shows and game shows all use a live audience to accentuate an atmosphere that enhances their overall production value.

Despite what you might think, appearing on many of these shows won’t cost you a dime – all you have to do is put in a request for a ticket, and depending on the length of the waiting list, you’ll eventually receive one.

2) Go on a trek to the Hollywood Sign

It’s been sitting up in the hills all these years that you’ve been here, yet you’ve never had the time to make it up there.

Now that your schedule is completely clear, you have no excuse. Grab some water, snacks and some supportive shoes, and make your way to the western edge of Griffith Park.

Take your time climbing the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, and enjoy viewing the flora and fauna that exists within a short distance from the concrete jungle from whence you came.

On a clear day, the views of downtown’s skyscrapers and the Pacific Ocean beyond will make the sweat you’ll shed well worth the effort.

3) Go for a long walk at one of Greater LA’s famed beaches

Drawing people west long after the days of the California Gold Rush had faded from everyone’s collective memory, the beaches of Los Angeles and Orange County are the perfect place to recharge your spiritual batteries after going through a tough time in your life.

Malibu and Huntington Beaches are the best spots to go if you want finally take up surfing now that you have the mental bandwidth to learn, while El Matador Beach is a naturally beautiful place 10 miles north of Malibu that will give you the space to think about the next course your life will take.

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