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Top highlights of Zanzibar

Just saying the word “Zanzibar” conjures up visions of exoticism, so its not surprising that many aspire to travel here someday. Don’t be put off by its location in Africa, as the top highlights of Zanzibar will make a trip out here well worth any third world inconveniences that you might have to endure on […]

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Go now while the prices are low: cheap holidays in Ghana

In the past year, the nations of West Africa have suffered a great deal from the widely publicized Ebola outbreak that affected Ivory Coast and Liberia. While the situation within those countries has certainly been concerning, many others in this vast region have not seen a single case of this hard-to-transmit disease, yet tourists have […]

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The Traditional Tourist’s Guide To South Africa

South Africa is the most populous country of Africa, and it is found on the most southern tip of the continent surrounded by stunning coastline. This diverse and beautiful landscape is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Indian Ocean on the east, and it is renowned for its abundant tourist attractions, […]

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A Guide to Cape Verde’s Beautiful Beaches

Cape Verde is a land of mystery where jungles meet rolling pains, soft black sands stretch down to the sea and cities are still tinged with Portuguese culture. Lying just off the coast of West Africa, this archipelago is probably best known for the beautiful beaches that adorn its coastline, so we’ve put together some […]

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Things to do in Luxor – It’s not all Ancient History

Luxor is a city in the south of Egypt which has often been referred to as one of the world’s greatest open air museums: scattered with fantastic monuments and ruined temples that draw visitors like flies to honey. The blazing sun and cloudless skies rear far above this spectacular city, famed for its proximity to […]

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Great Beach Holiday Ideas in Africa

Africa is a wonderful vacation place, which many people fail to realize. Some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes are located in Africa. The first beach that you might want to think about visiting on your holiday is Llandudno Beach in Cape Town. Cape Town is a huge tourist destination because of its many […]

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