Spend your summer vacation in Canada this year

A summer vacation in Canada should include a visit to Gros Morne

Canada is the place to be for foreign tourists in 2017. From its 150th anniversary of becoming a sovereign nation to its cheap currency (at the time of writing, $1 USD = $1.36 CAD), you’ll want to make plans to come north, as there has rarely been a better time to visit our friendly neighbours.

Not only is there a wealth of attractions north of the border, but there are no laws like the UIGEA preventing responsible adults from gaming for fun and profit on their downtime.

If you want to sample some real freedom, check bonus.ca website soon after your arrival and you’ll find plenty of options, no matter whether your game is bingo or blackjack.

Experience the great outdoors

From the soaring peaks and frothing rivers of British Columbia and Alberta to the practically infinite lakes of the Canadian Shield, Canada has no shortage of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Whitewater rafting, hiking, and mountain biking take up the free time of many residents in British Columbia and Alberta, while citizens of Winnipeg have one of the best fresh water beaches in the country (Grand Beach) within a quick drive of their homes.

Over in Ontario, Cottage Country, Algonquin Park, and the vast waters of the Great Lakes offer world-class paddling, and in the Atlantic Provinces, the sheltered waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence give swimmers the warmest waters north of Virginia.

Backpackers not wanting to cross paths constantly with punters will want to hike the backcountry of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, as this under-visited natural reserve is located in one of the most mountainous sections of the northern Appalachians.

Feel the energetic vibe of its cities

Despite being a small nation, Canada has some of the world’s most dynamic urban environments. This is largely due to its emphasis on multiculturalism and the fact that its hinterland is so inhospitable, 90% of the country lives within 100 miles of the American border.

Get a handle on Canada’s early history by visiting the Citadel of Halifax, or the Old Town of Montreal. Wander from one neighbourhood to the next in Toronto, where its residents represent almost every nation on Earth. Wander from one amazing brewpub to the next amidst the glass and steel of modern Vancouver.

Despite the small population of these centres versus comparable places in America, Europe, or Asia, each of them has something special to offer visitors from abroad.

Quebec, c’est magnifique!

Many visitors are hesitant to visit Quebec, fearing they may not be able to communicate effectively with the local populace. Such worries are unfounded, as most people in major cities have a basic understanding of English.

Within La Belle Province, you’ll encounter over 400 years of history in the historic districts of Montreal and Quebec City, you’ll be blown away by the simple beauty of the Laurentian and Gaspesie mountains, and you’ll stay awake to enjoy the most lively nightlife in the entire country.

Canada 150: get in on the fun

Above all else, the top reason why you should plan your holiday in Canada is 2017 is a special time for this young nation.

Throughout the year, celebrations will be held to mark the 150th anniversary of its founding, climaxing on July 1, Canada Day.

If you can’t make it to any of the parties marking this occasion, be sure to at least visit a national park, as the entry to all of them is free of charge this year.


Photo courtesy CC user Aconcagua on Wikimedia Commons

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