Spending an Evening in Malta

Dropped in the Mediterranean Sea just 80km south of Sicily lies the picturesque island of Malta. Although this gorgeous little haven is only 316 km2, there is a lot to see and do. So, if you’re spending an evening, or just 24 hours packing in as much Maltese culture as you can, then let us help you leave the island feeling satisfied with what you discovered.

Traveling from the North to the South of the island only takes an hour and Malta is easily explored by using the local vintage yellow and white buses. However – they don’t run late into the night so if you’re trying to see as much as possible within a limited timeframe, hiring a car for a few days is a better option. Malta, and Spain in general, has a large expat community as it is an ideal country for a second home or to move permanently. Travelex international payments are the go to for large payments abroad.

No trip to Malta would be complete without exploring the capital Valletta. Named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980, the buildings date back to the 16th century and radiate a baroque charm. There is a lot to experience in this small capital, however, we would recommend talking a stroll along the shore lining Fort St. Elmo and head up into the fort to snap some pictures of the stronghold that took the brunt of many great sieges. Built in 1552, it is currently home to Malta’s police academy but is open to the public to enjoy historic re-enactments.

We would also highly recommend visiting St John’s cathedral, one of Malta’s most impressive churches, and the Grand Master’s Palace which is the official residence of the Maltese president. If all else fails, make sure you enjoy lunch at a local cafe whilst enjoying the sensational view over the Grand Harbour.

You may be surprised to hear lil’ Malta is renowned for its clubs and nightlife. The Island has stayed popular because it has remained true to roots and offers uncompromising entertainment without the fear of louts or the seedy aspects that come with other popular party destinations. Paceville is a heavily populated nightclub district and techno-lovers paradise. With venues such as Barcelona Lounge, Hugo’s Lounge and Shadow Lounge – social butterflies can dance through the early hours with like-minded free spirits.

St Julians neighbours Paceville, and whilst it is also a lively resort, it boasts some of the most stunning architecture on the island. Whilst there, make sure you visit St. George’s Bay, although not a sandy beach, it’s a rocky shoreline cloaked by crystal clear water. If you want warming sands, head to Gozo, which is considerably less crowded. It offers the welcoming red-sand Ramla Bay, also called Ramla il-Hamra by the locals. Not only is it the finest beach in Malta, but also home to the Calypso Cave, which, according to popular repute, is where the nymph of the same name imprisoned Odysseus in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey.

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