Remote Places On The BC Coast To Escape The World


With the latest outrage on the nightly news weighing on your psyche, combined with the drama that most people have in their lives at one point or another, the time for a break from the modern world has arrived. However, the typical city break or getaway to a popular national park won’t cut the mustard this time.

Your frustration with the way things are has fueled a desire to truly escape the modern world, and there is no better place to accomplish this than along the heavily indented coast of British Columbia in Canada.

With countless inlets and fjords playing host to small towns and villages that earn their daily bread by fishing, mining, cutting trees, and hosting frazzled guests like yourself, your quiet retreat amidst the towering mountains and virgin forests of coastal BC is close at hand.

To get the wheels of planning in motion, here are three spots where the quiet of nature in coastal British Columbia will still your mind and restore your spirit.

1) Haida Gwaii

If connecting with a well-organized native culture, partaking of outdoor adventures, and cocooning in a warm hotel room while the wild wet weather of the Northern BC coast rages outside sound like the escape you need, then making a trip to Haida Gwaii will satisfy all of these requirements. Walk beneath aging but intricately carved totem poles, navigate your sea kayak along a rugged, scenic and largely unseen coastline, or slowly sip a piping hot bowl of hearty soup as the waves cream the shoreline outside and winds whistle through the cracks of the place that you will call home for several nights.

2) Klemtu

Situated on the Central BC coast and only accessible by a milk run boat from BC Ferries, the tiny hamlet of Klemtu is one of the better places in the province to view the rare but inspiring kermode – or spirit bear. Spirit Bears are black bears that have a gene that dye their hair bleach white, making for a very special encounter during a tour where bald eagles, sea otters and orcas are more frequently spotted.

3) Tahsis

While a road has been built to this former outpost on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island since 1972, the long and winding nature of it through the mountainous interior of this wild northern portion of this isle will make your arrival here a relieving and relaxing one. Hiking up into the towering peaks that overshadow this tiny town will give you perspective on the permanency of nature’s beauty over the temporary problems that you are facing, while massive trees and the surging waterfalls will allow you channel their power to charge back into the real world to conquer whatever it is that you need to tackle.

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