How to Spend a Day in New York City

New York City is a really great place to live and an even better place to visit. There is so much to do and to look at you will need more than one day to see all of the tourist attractions, eat some of the best food in the USA, and experience the life of a New Yorker.

Many people taking a trip to New York City have a very ambitious agenda with what they want to do and see in a day. Many people want to make the trip to Empire state building, the Statue of Liberty, all of the greatest shopping places, and many of the best food places. The best advice you should listen to is do not try and see too many attractions in one day.

Many do not truly know how big New York City is causing them to think they can see all of the major attractions in one day. The truth of the matter is New York City is just too big and the distance between some of the attractions is too big to allow you to see everything in one day.

To start off your day in New York City you should get a great breakfast that does not take too long to eat. This will allow you to get the taste of New York City, but not waste too much time. There are a lot of great bagel place and one of the best is called the Bagel Buffet on 406 Sixth Avenue. This restaurant has been on many lists of the best bagel places in NYC.

The next spot should be to one of the attractions that you are interested in. If you are visiting New York City during the holiday season you might want to make your first stop at the Rockefeller center to see the giant Christmas tree and the ice rink that many choose to skate on. The Christmas display is beautiful during the Christmas season, but it is also fun to take a look during the other times of the year.

If you have visited the Rockefeller center you should then take a short walk over to Time Square. There are a lot of shopping places along the way to stop at and take a look at the real New York City styles. Make sure to have your camera out so you can take a lot of pictures. The Time Square area also has some really great restaurants to stop and eat at.

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