Go now while the prices are low: cheap holidays in Ghana

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In the past year, the nations of West Africa have suffered a great deal from the widely publicized Ebola outbreak that affected Ivory Coast and Liberia. While the situation within those countries has certainly been concerning, many others in this vast region have not seen a single case of this hard-to-transmit disease, yet tourists have stayed away in droves, causing serious harm to the tourism industry in places like Ghana.

In response, prices have been chopped to encourage hesitant foreigners to come back to the empty historical sites, national parks and beaches that can be found here. If you don’t go back when prices are this low, you will be missing out on cheap holidays in Ghana, which can be had at absurdly low prices … for now.

SEE: Elmina Castle

While much of your time in Ghana will be filled with fun and entertaining pursuits, some sombre sights are necessary to see in order to truly understand its past. One of those places is Elmina Castle, which was a Portuguese built fort that was converted into a holding facility for captured slaves on their way to various markets throughout the rest of the world. Having the cringe-worthy title of being the oldest European structure in Sub-Saharan Africa, one can imagine the daily human drama that played out within these walls as human beings marketed and sold other humans in return for physical goods. Don’t leave Ghana without paying your respects here.

SAFARI: Mole National Park

Want to see the large game of the African continent without paying the sky high prices that are charged in its southern portion? Ghana’s Mole National Park is famous for having abundant amounts of elephants, baboons, antelopes, warthogs and many other animals that you would normally only see in a zoo back home. Lions are incredibly rare due to the ravages that poachers had inflicted on their populations in years past. If you spot one, consider yourself very lucky!

LOUNGE: Kokrobite Beach

After spending ample time in the city and jungle, a dip in the tropical Atlantic Ocean will be just what you’ll need at this point. Located only 25 kilometres from downtown Accra (the Ghanan capital), getting to this beach is easy and convenient, but it is still a very relaxing place in spite of its proximity to this country’s biggest population centre.

Relax with the locals, and watch as fishers bring in the catch of the day, which you will likely be eating later that day at a local restaurant (if seafood is your thing, that is). If you are hungry in the interim, everything from fresh fruit like pineapples to cookies and candy is available from vendors on the beach. Kick back and enjoy the African sun … you’ve earned it!

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