Five Places Where it is Impossible to Take A Bad Photo


As somebody who is interested in photography, you are always looking to get away to places across the globe where truly amazing scenes are just ripe for the shooting.  Despite this, many destinations have a limited amount of subjects that make for interesting photos, or lighting conditions and other considerations can drastically affect the quality of a picture, depending on when and from what angle it is taken.

Moreover, if you have just gotten into this engrossing art, it helps to have amazing backdrops to make the work that goes into getting a timeless shot much easier.  Fortunately for you, the world is filled with captivating places, which conspire with their natural perfection to make the act of getting the ideal picture as easy as pie.

If you’re looking for destinations where it is impossible to take a bad photo, then the following five will virtually guarantee that you’ll grab tonnes of shots that will steal the breath of your friends and family once they see your handiwork.

1) The Canadian Rockies, Alberta/British Columbia, Canada

Across the border in the Great White North, the Rockies takes on a much more dramatic posture, as the peaks rise much higher around the surrounding plains and valleys than comparable peaks in the United States.  Also, with glaciers and ice fields that grind the limestone peaks upon which they sit, the dust that is produced colour the rivers and lakes a brilliant hue of blue and/or green, making for eye-popping frames that will lead to accusations of Photoshop doctoring, though you will have to do nothing of the sort!

2) Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile

On the southern hemisphere side of the globe, but with comparable latitudes to the Canadian Rockies, the Chilean part of Patagonia is also no slouch when it comes to good looks. Refering to the three iconic rocky spires that comprise the reserve’s signature mountain, Torres Del Paine has countless lakes, glaciers, and mountainous alpine terrain that is ripe for multiple amazing pictures.  Be on the outlook for flamigos, which could be the piece de resistance of all the photographs you take.

3) Koh Rong, Cambodia

Looking for the perfect tropical paradise to document?  Many contenders are overrun by tourists in this day and age of cheap airfares and internet buzz, but Koh Rong’s location in Cambodia, one of the lesser developed nations in Asia, has kept it pristine for the time being.  It certainly isn’t because the island is average: this white sand ringed gem combines coconut palms, a smattering of rocky outcroppings, brilliant blue water that will not require any editing whatsoever to pop, and authentic fishing village structures to create an experience that will make any photographer weep for joy at first sight.

4) Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Middle Earth has more than its fair share of natural assets to capture, but for some of the biggest concentrations of shutter-clicking moments that can be found here, head for Fiordland National Park in the southwestern portion of the South Island. While many amazing experiences can be had in any corner of this vast park, the cornerstone experience here can be had on a cruise of Milford Sound.  Photogs should take pains to bring gear to protect their rigs from the rain, as Milford gets upwards of 8,000 millimetres (320 inches) of rain per year, but it makes for unreal settings, as the walls of the fjord are coated with greenery, and numerous impossibly tall waterfalls cascade down everywhere you look!

5) Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia

As you head north and east of Cape Town, South Africa, the weather gets significantly drier and soon enough, you’ll find yourself in the midst of the Kalahari Desert, one of the most arid places on Earth.  This extends into the nation of Namibia, where sand seas abound; one of more noteworthy of these are the orangish Sossusvlei Dunes, which are famous for towering over the skeletal bushes that struggle to survive in the land in front of it.  While the best pictures are had in the more hospitable mornings and evenings, the visages that can be had here will make for show stopping photos that will wow any that see them!

Build your photographic confidence  

The best photographer can tease out legendary photos out of ordinary scenes, but getting to that stage requires thousands of shots of practice.  By having fun in the initial stages by capturing some of the most stunning places in the world, you can be assured of a great result no matter what, while noticing the difference between shot angles, light levels, apertures, and so on!

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