Exploring the Big Apple like a New Yorker


The city of New York is a brilliant place to explore should you know how to get around. If not, you can end up getting lost and ruining all of the fantastic memories you have of your trip there. The locals of the city seem to get around with relative ease and with some preparation; you too can navigate the city so that it would seem you have lived there your entire life. Here is a guide to exploring New York like a local.

Getting Around

The people of New York have a reputation for being skinny and this is due to the fact that walking is a big form of transportation for the locals. There are some unwritten rules regarding walking in the city and the most important one is to remember to keep moving quickly.

Those that choose to walk through the streets of New York are doing so because they want to get somewhere quickly, so stopping off to take pictures or check Facebook will only slow down everyone behind you. If you’re a fan of city breaks, however, New York is the idealised city environment and you should definitely compare flights to New York for deals as the end of summer approaches.

When the distance you are travelling is far too big for you to simply walk there, the subway becomes the next preferable mode of transport. Cheaper and quicker than taking a taxi, the subways run all day every day and should you be exploring lots of the city, you can make use of the MetroCards on offer to save yourself some money.

Your last resort in transportation should be the taxi. While there are thousands of taxis driving along the streets in the city, they can be expensive and slow. Remember that you are expected to leave a tip if you choose to take a taxi, with 15 to 20 per cent being the norm. Any of the tolls or fees required for the taxi to go along your desired route must be paid for by the passenger as well.


Breakfast in New York is by no means a heavy meal. Many New Yorkers will simply grab a bagel and a cup of coffee so that they can eat on the go while they make their way to work. You will see plenty of food stalls along the streets serving up some of the favourite meals for breakfasts, so stop by one and grab something to eat.

Lunch time is a little bit different. Many people assume that American’s eat huge meals three times a day, but in New York, lunch involves chasing down food trucks that serve speciality dishes such as Turkish taco’s or burritos.

Remember not to skip lunch because in New York, dinner is eaten quite late. If you miss lunch and eat dinner early, you will miss out on the New York style dinner scene as you will end up eating in an empty restaurant. Getting the prime time reservation spots between 8-10 pm can be quite hard, so if you fail to get reservations, you can also sit at the bar and eat which gives you a great opportunity to people watch at the same time.

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