As Easy As ABC: The Best of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao


As the chill of autumn begins to descend across the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, your thoughts may be diverting to the south. If the crisp mornings and changing colors of the hardwoods in your area are giving you no pleasure, but only remind you of the harsh winter to come, perhaps a trip to the Caribbean will fix your rapidly souring mood.

If this sounds like you, and you wish to enjoy a Caribbean beach holiday this fall, but you worry about a tropical storm or hurricane scuttling your plans, then don’t despair: the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao (known collectively as the ABC Islands) are all viable options at this time of year.

Being situated below tropical storm tracks that ravage the rest of the Caribbean, the weather through the ABC’s remains dry and sunny. Over an entire year, the chain rarely sees more than 20 inches (500 millimetres) of rain, so those that fear storm clouds will feel at home here.

If you wish to escape the creeping northerly gloom this fall by relocating to the ABC Islands, the following guide will tip you off to the best attractions that Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao have to offer you.


Once you unpack your suitcase, get in your swim gear and make for Eagle Beach, a strip of sand that has been ranked one of the best beaches in the world by many major publications over the years. Its brilliant white sand and turquoise water will cast a spell over you, while the presence of Aruba’s signature davi davi trees will stole your inner inspiration upon seeing them for the first time.

Spend some time strolling amidst the delightfully painted buildings of downtown Oranjestad, where many boutiques carry unique gifts and a wide selection of brand name goods, while those looking to get a panoramic view of the entire island should ascend the easy to climb Hooiberg.

Being the highest point on Aruba at a gentle 500 feet above sea level, views to Venezuela on the South American continent can also be had on a clear day, making the small effort to reach the top well worth it.


Dive enthusiasts will want to make Bonaire their base, as some of the best SCUBA Diving and snorkeling in the world can be had off its shores. Inland, flamingos can be found along the coast in Lac Bay, or in lagoons found within Washington/Slagbaai National Park.

Within this park, wild beaches, cacti clinging to cliffsides, and iguanas sunning themselves on a rock are common discoveries, making it a highlight that any naturalist should not miss.


Those with families will love Curacao, as one of its most popular beaches, Seaquarium Beach, combines fun in the surf and sand with an outstanding aquarium. Its open water system actively circulates salt water from the ocean, making it a humane place for the marine life that are protected and rehabilitated here.

Those looking to satisfy their cultural curiosity after a few days at the beach can find forts, the oldest continually operating synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, and even a floating market with vendors from nearby Venezuela in historic Willemstad, while Christoffel National Park offers a plethora of trekking and horseback riding opportunities.

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