Beautiful Beach Vacation Spots in Europe

Europe is at the top of most peoples dream vacation destination lists, but few think about Europe for its fantastic beaches.

One of the great beaches of Europe is Navagio Beach in Greece. The waters a crystal clear and a gorgeous blue color that might be mistaken as turquoise, which is just one of the many reasons this is a great beach to visit if ever in Europe. The beach can only be reached by boat from the port of Vromi, which allows the beach to be a little more secluded with less of a crowd. There are many times you just want to relax at the beach and have fun, but there is a seriously large crowd preventing you from getting the most out of your day at the beach. Again this will not be a problem if you take the journey to Navagio Beach.

Another great beach in Europe is Playa Papagayo in Spain. Like Navagio Beach, Playa Papagayo is a beautiful beach with crystal clear blue waters. Playa Papagayo is also a little more secluded since the beach can only be reached by a dirt road. Not that many people take the trip to this destination, but there are so many that truly would like to make it to this beach at some time in their life. This beach is another great place to have a fun filled free family friendly day.

A third European beach that you would want to visit is called Zlatni Rat in Croatia. This is a beach that many come to see because of a really awesome trick it can do. The beach actually is able to take on different shapes and positions depending on the wind direction. If you are interested in watching this strange phenomenon you can take your family to watch the transformation happen right in front of your eyes.

Another great beach in Europe is Spiaggia Sabbie Nere in Italy. This is a black sand beach that will take your breath away as you see the sun reflect off of the volcanic sand. This is a more unique European beach that will be fun to visit with your family.

The fifth and final beach you might want to take a look at is called Patara in Turkey. This is a great virgin beach to take a trip to. There is absolutely no human intervention and yet it is a beautiful beach that you can visit and have a good time with your family.

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