An Unforgettable Vacation in Kauai


After a couple of trips to Hawaii on vacation, you can’t help but be a little disappointed.  The mass media sold you this vision of a tropical paradise where relaxation, swaying palms and stress-free living took precedence over the concerns and travails of modern life.

This vision was shattered by the maddening traffic jams and big city trappings of Honolulu, the massive crowds of loud, inconsiderate tourists, and the jaded attitude of locals who have seen the worst of the latter crowd’s behaviour over the decades.  After you leave this locus of travel industry activity though, things change dramatically. There still are islands in the archipelago where the promise of the initial pitch still resonates as the truth.

One of those places is Kauai, a green, mountainous island that induces gasps from those that have been yanked away from what they thought Hawaii was. Since this isle is not as well-known as Oahu or Maui, a proper introduction is in order so that you can start to enjoy this special place for the paradise that it is.

Places To Stay

Those seeking out an intimate beach condo or bungalow will be thrilled with what they can find in Kauai.  Local ordinances relating to hotel industry development dictate that no development can be built higher than a coconut tree, banishing vibe-killing highrises from being constructed in this paradise.

Those afraid of having rain throw a wet blanket on their holiday should choose the south coast, as the windward side of the island in on the north side, causing twice as much rain to fall in this area of the island. Budget travelers will find an excellent hostel in Kapaa and campsites are available in Waimea Canyon, while those angling to spend time in something a little posher, but looking to save some cash and a more homely experience can search for condo rentals, which will grant you a better overall experience.

Places To Eat

Being a chain of islands in the Polynesian section of the Pacific, Hawaii, and as a result, Kauai has a local cuisine that varies considerably from the classic American diet.  There are similarities of course, and American standards can obviously be found here in the present day, but those seeking a unique taste of this corner of the Pacific Ocean should head to Mark’s Place in Lihue, the largest community on the island.  The Korean Chicken is talked about in grand terms by residents, and you’ll be evangelizing alongside them after sampling this plate lunch that costs all of nine dollars.

Things To Do

While lying on a sun lounger and soaking up the Hawaiian sun will rank highly on the agenda throughout your visit here, there is plenty to do outside your beach resort when boredom begins to set in. Small authentic Hawaiian towns ring the island, dramatic waterfalls drape the side of Kauai’s mossy mountains, and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking will put you into a countryside with colourful and geographically diverse scenes, and with a little preparation and persistence, many hidden beaches that only existed in your dreams can be accessed by the active traveler.

Kauai: The Last True Hawaiian Island

While the tourism industry has seemed to suck the spontaneity out of much of the Hawaiian archipelago, Kauai has retained much of its charm.  Give this under-visited isle a chance during your travels this year, and you’ll have a new favourite secret getaway to spirit yourself away to when the real world gets too much for you!    

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