Why Cape Town is Perfect For a Holiday

Cape Town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Africa and certainly in South Africa. It is one of the three capital cities in the country and plays host to more than 2 million tourists annually. Cape Town is an urbanized city and it has been put at par with cities like Nice in France, Saint Petersburg in Russia and Hangzhou in China among others.

There are several reasons that make Cape Town an ideal destination for a long holiday and here are just a few of them.


Cape Town enjoys a peninsular location that makes it surrounded by sea on most sides. This opens up the floodgates for water sports and adventures. Sailing, paragliding, kayaking and water skiing are certainly on the cards but there are some rare adventures as well. The underwater diving amidst the white sharks is a favorite among adventurists. The penguin colony is another favorite among tourists from across the world.

Haven For Connoisseurs

South Africa brings together the finest of various cuisines from around the world and they have their own plethora as well. Cape Town is a haven for connoisseurs. You possibly will not find as many variety and as unique cocktails that the numerous bars have to offer you anywhere else. The Long Street which is a hub for food, wine and cocktail connoisseurs would make each day different and unforgettable.


Cape Town is in the southern hemisphere hence winters are around in June to August and summers are from December to March. The Mediterranean climate in Cape Town makes it a paradise, especially for people from Europe, the UK, the US and North Asia. The warm and dry summers are ideal for beach holidays when many from the north would wish to avoid the chilly winters.

Theme Tourism

Cape Town is also a hub for theme tourism. You can indulge in bird watching and several other activities. All you would need is a good tour guide or a touring company to offer you the best.

Sea Food

South East Asian countries are also well known for their sea food but westerners are not always keen on snails and others that are in the offing there. Cape Town offers some of the finest sea food cuisines in the world and if you have the slightest inclination towards tasting some authentic dishes then this alone can make your day.


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