Where Birds of Paradise Blossom, Madeira, Portugal

About 200 years ago people thought of Madeira as a miraculously saved part of Atlántida. Others called it a “Pearl of Atlantic” or a “Flouting garden”. In reality, the place deserves all exalting adjectives as it is a real paradise place where you can rest your mind and body.

Madeira is one of the oldest and most famous European resorts. Back in 19th century people new two places – French Riviera and Madeira.  The last one is a volcanic archipelago that consists of two islands Madeira and San Porto and many uninhabited and even unknown little islands. It is situated in less than 1000 km from Porto and 700 from African coast.

Madeira in Portuguese means a “tree” so you understand that the island is thickly wooded. It reminds of a giant flower garden where there is nothing else but breathtaking nature. In fact there are almost no people, the total population assumes in 250 000 people, most of which work on the resort. Thanks to the Gulfstream, the island has a very mild climate with summer all year round.

A great part of those who come to this island off the coast of Portugal are looking for peace and nature. This is presented throughout in marvelous rocky formation’s and fairy tale waterfalls that seem to fall from the sky. And of course wild life, Madeira has a lot of animals and more than 500 bird species.

The place has everything for a perfect vacation. It is difficult to believe but it really has it all: everything including extreme sports like skydiving and climbing and ending with romantic sightseeing and boat trips. Most famous resorts of archipelago are san Porto and Funchal.

Funchal is a miraculous city that has numerous historical attractions that stretch along the seaside. A funicular will take you to the top of the mount “Monte”, covered with gardens it opens a picturesque view to the ocean. The main pedestrian street is booked with bars and restaurants where people hang out almost 24 hours a day. Inside the city you can find two wonderful botanical gardens that have unique flower carpets.

In less than 40 km there is another charming place – San Porto. Its snow white sand is believed to be healing and its restaurants are said to serve the best Portuguese food ever. And of course madera vine, also known as aristocrat’s vine. There are still some sorts that date to French revolution and Napoleon.

Bio – This article was researched and written by Vera Petryk. If you’d like to contribute a post as well, please contact us.


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