A Week Away with the Girls in Amsterdam

photo by CC user 22746515@N02 on Flickr

It’s been an insane few months and all you want to do is get away with your friends and go somewhere fun and new. There is no better place than Amsterdam.

A Vintage Outing

Amsterdam has one of the best vintage shopping districts in the world. In the assortment of thrift stores, boutiques and flea markets you’ll find gems from the golden 50s, swinging 60s, groovy 70s and the great nostalgic 80s. Most of these great stores are located in the very fashionable and popular 9 Street District, so you’ll get a lot of interesting ‘people watching’ done as well. And don’t forget to visit the IJ-Hallen Vlooienmarkt, THE best flea market in Amsterdam, at the NDSM Wharf.

Keep Calm and Have a Cocktail

Partying with the girls will always be incomplete without cocktails and there is no better place than cocktails with the girls in Amsterdam. Cocktails with names like the ‘Porn Star Martini’, ‘Flute of Temptation’ and ‘Fallen Lady’, which by the way is a chocolate raspberry and vodka dream, who wouldn’t want to spend a few nights drinking cocktails with the girls in beautiful Amsterdam!?

Nature Never Goes Out of Style

After a few intense nights at the great cocktail bars Amsterdam has to offer, taking some time out with your friends to enjoy the beauty of Vondelpark could be just what you need. This 149 year old park is a great place for a relaxing and peaceful picnic. There’s a bike path to explore the remarkable beauty of the surrounds as well as an open air theatre, where you can see everything from musical theatre to cabaret to live music performances. And let’s not forget a restaurant and bar, because there’s nothing wrong with the hair of the dog that bit you.

Okay? Okay.

How can anyone visit Amsterdam ithout going on a tour of where ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ was shot? Visit the memorable Anne Frank House, the Oranjee restaurant and the infamous bench, which, by the way, is on the corner of Herengracht and Leidsegracht.

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