Ways to Spend a Night in Barcelona, Spain

You are most likely to spend a night in Barcelona if you arrive by train at 4 in the evening and have a flight the following morning or you are on a road trip and wish to stop over at Barcelona for a night. In either scenario, spending a night in Barcelona can be the acme of fun. What you would precisely wish to do in Barcelona would depend on your own preferences.

First, Barcelona has one of the most happening nightlife in all of Europe and not just Spain. There are innumerable bars, pubs and clubs ranging from small Spanish pubs to the huge ones with a cosmopolitan mix of locals and tourists. There are several venues for stags and hen parties which may be a nice proposition. Typically these nightspots would charge you anywhere from 10 Euros to 25 Euros and some of them might allow free entry should you know what to say at the door.

If you love music and dance but aren’t very interested in heading to a pub or bar then the lively street music and entertainment may be ideal for you. A quick walk can get you a horde of artists performing live and you would find a fair share of tourists spending a nice time. While you are at it just be sure of holding your belongings close to avoid any pickpockets ruining your night.

Barcelona has a rich cultural and architectural history. If you have some time in the early evenings then taking a walk to the downtown area or exploring the heritage structures and the popular hotspots would be a great experience.

There are some fascinating restaurants in the city which offer cuisines from all around the world and they do not have skyrocketing prices. Whether you are a vegetarian or not you can easily find your ideal eatery at the heart of the city or near the station.

Barcelona has a buzzing nightlife but if you do not have your own transport then it might not be ideal for you to plan an entire night out during weekdays. On weekends, the public transport system is available all night hence conveyance should not be an issue at all.

If this is your first time to Barcelona then starting your night a little early in the evening to explore the city and thereon dancing your way to the morning might be an indelible experience

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