Unforgettable Sights In The Canadian Rockies


While Europe has a wealth of human history to draw upon to attract tourists from all over the world, the newer parts of the world in the Americas don’t have this asset.  However, for what these sectors of the globe lack in many millennia worth of major built-up civilizations, they more than make up for it in jaw-dropping scenery.

In particular, the Western provinces of Canada have some of the most imposing, beautifully carved mountains on Earth.  This chain of glacially carved gems is referred to as the Canadian Rockies, and they are a major tourist draw that defines Canada as a nation.

It is spread out in a rather large geographic area however, so it can be hard to know what to see during a limited window of a couple of weeks at best.  Fortunately, one of our editors here at holidayvacationsguide.com has spent significant time in this part of the world, and through his well-informed perspective, we have assembled the top three sights that you should not miss on your vacation to this bucket list destination.

Without further ado, here are some unforgettable sights in the Canadian Rockies that you should make time for on your holiday!


1) Columbia Icefields – A massive ice sheet sitting atop a high mountain plateau near the midpoint of the Canadian Rockies mountain chain, the Columbia Icefields stands as one of the most accessible glacier experiences anywhere in the world.  After grabbing a quick bite to eat in the cafeteria and buying a toque (Canadian term for a knitted hat) to keep your head warm out on the cold ice, a massive buggy will take you out onto the Saskatchewan Glacier, the visible projection of the Columbia Icefields.  After declining of the steepest descents in a motorized vehicle in the world, you will be on a glacier that has been swept for hazards.  Have a snowball fight, pose for pictures by the giant glacier buggies, and feel the biting katabatic winds whipping on the largest non-arctic accumulation of ice in the world.

2) Maligne Lake – One of the largest glacially-fed lakes in the world, and situated in a stunning valley and box-canyon, Maligne Lake is one of the most stunning alpine lakes that you visit in your lifetime.  While the view from the day use area is alluring enough (they do weddings, in case you were wondering), the true marvel can be found by taking a boat tour that only consumes  an hour and a half of your time.  Heading up the lake 12 kilometres, you enter a box canyon, where you are surrounded by peaks on all sides, and arrive at a sublime strip of land called Spirit Island, which has been the star of countless postcards and computer backgrounds over the years.  All the while, sharp-witted guides will entertain and educate you, making it an afternoon that could prove to be the highlight of your trip.

3) Mount Robson – Located off the beaten track in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson weighs in as the tallest peak of the Canadian Rockies, towering over the Fraser River Valley at a breathtaking 4,000+ metres high.  While the peak is often shrouded in cloud, the days when it is visible make for killer photos that will rank as the best that you will take during your Rocky Mountain experience.  After filling up your memory cards, sign up for a rafting tour with one of the multiple companies in the area, complementing the views with a roller-coaster ride over the freezing cold waters of the mountain streams that snake through the region.

Anywhere you look in the Canadian Rockies, there are worthwhile experiences to be had.  If you are truly stuck with regards of where to start however, hopefully the suggestions that we have supplied above will break through your confusion and get you started on planning the vacation of a lifetime!

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