Tourist destinations in Nicaragua: an overview


Being one of the cheapest countries to visit in the Western Hemisphere, Nicaragua is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for budget travelers in the Americas. From two week getaways, to expats inquiring about land for sale on Little Corn Island during long stay holidays there, there is no doubt that the buzz surrounding this place is real.
In this post, we will give a quick overview of all the major tourist destinations that are worth visiting in Nicaragua…

1) Granada

Known for its colonial architecture and its churches, Granada makes an excellent first destination for those that are interested in history and culture.

Home to Nicaragua’s merchant class in prior centuries, this city’s importance to the wealth of the country is evident by the grand mansions that line its streets.

Be sure to head down to the lake for a boat tour of the tiny islets that were born in the wake of a violent volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, and recount your day of sightseeing to travel friends along the Calzada afterwards.

2) San Juan del Sur

If a lively party scene is what you are after, then basing yourself in San Juan Del Sur Is what you will want to do.

Starting out as a favored hang out for surfers, San Juan Del Sur has since morphed into a partypacker’s dream destination.

While this town does have attractions that appeal to those that have interests that verge beyond last night’s drunken exploits (its Victorian architecture and hilltop Jesus statue certainly qualify), most travelers that you meet here will be eagerly awaiting the next epic pool party on this town’s busy social schedule.

3) Isla Ometepe

Rising ominously out of Lake Nicaragua, the twin volcanic peaks of Isla Ometepe beckons to those looking for a chilled-out getaway.

Consisting mostly of farms worked by indigenous people, the atmosphere on this island is the exact opposite of what you will find in a place like San Juan Del Sur.

When relaxing on its lakeside beaches fails to inspire you, hiking in its hills will provide you with plenty of opportunities for joyful discovery in this off the beaten track destination in Nicaragua.

4) The Corn Islands

Speaking of off the beaten track places, would you expect to find one in the Caribbean these days? The Corn Islands are just such a destination, as the difficulty in getting here and their location in the extreme southwest corner of the region have kept them off the tourist map …  until recently, that is.

While its white sand beaches and droopy palms are still relatively lonely compared to islands in the rest of this heavily trafficked region, publications like the New York Times and countless travel blogs are starting to get the word out to the world.

Experience this place now, as it represents the Caribbean as it was many decades ago.


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