Top Three Dishes To Try In Brazil

Feijoada by CC user albumdobruto on Flickr

While many nations in Latin America are famed for their food, often times Brazil gets a bad reputation in this department. While several staples of Brazilian cuisine might confirm this initial suspicion, to pan an entire nation’s food heritage on the basis of a couple of dishes would be like writing off American cuisine because of its pervasive fast food culture.

Like in any pursuit, the more you dig beneath the surface, the greater the rewards for those willing to put in the work to find the good stuff. But you don’t want to worry about that … after all, you’re about to go on vacation!

Leave the heavy lifting to us, and worry about where to get a great sun tan in Rio or Fortaleza while we lay out for you the top three dishes to try in Brazil before your time there is all said and done.

1) Feijoada

Brazil is a nation that is vast and well-spread out, as the land mass here almost equal in size of the lower 48 states. One dish that bridges all the regional differences over a country of Brazil’s stature is Feijoada, a stew composed of black beans, sausage and chinks of pork.

Preparation of this well-loved national food takes forever, leading many to eat it out at restaurants instead going through the trouble of preparing it at home. Rice is often served on the side, making it an ideal way to slay the hunger that rumbles within you!

2) Moqueca

Consider yourself a seafood lover? If so, then trying Moqueca should be part of at least one of the lunches or dinners that you have in Brazil. Found primarily in the nation’s tropical northeast, it is a Baiano culinary staple, and when you sit down to have some, you’ll soon find out why, as the clouds of steam that envelop the clay pot in which the fish, tomatoes, onions and coriander simmer will carry their delightful aroma over to your table.

Depending on where you are in the northeast, Moqueca may be prepared with coconut milk, giving this version a sweet flavor that you are unlikely to soon forget!

3) Pavé

When dessert rolls around, make an effort to track down some Pavé, as this layered cookie cake will have you nibbling at it slowly, praying that this blissful post-dinner experience will never end. Made with galletas marias and held together with creamy layers of chocolate/Nutella/condensed milk, it won’t be hard to understand why!

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