Three Ideas For The Perfect Holiday in Alaska


The long lazy days of summer are finally here, with the dark days of winter being a distant memory. While you have been enjoying these extended evenings with family, friends and a few drinks in your backyard, there is one place that takes this concept to the extreme: Alaska. At this very moment, Alaskans are soaking up the reward of a winter spent in near perpetual darkness, as Anchorage (its largest city) bathes in a very generous 19.5 hours of sunlight per day at summer’s peak. The smaller city of Fairbanks fares even better, logging near perpetual light for a short time during the warm months of the year.

The point of all this is to promote Alaska as the ideal summer destination for travelers that love to revel in the warm sunshine without turning into a sweaty mess. And did we mention that this place comes with some of the most killer mountain views in North America, if not the world? Hmm … I guess we didn’t.

Anyhow, if we’ve convinced you to turn your sights north for an epic holiday in America’s last frontier this summer, here are a few ideas to help you have a perfect holiday in Alaska …!

1) Venture out on a glacier viewing cruise

While Alaska is the largest state in the union by far, you won’t have to venture far from its biggest city to start reaping immediate dividends from your decision to head north. Located less than an hour from Anchorage is the Portage Glacier, a highly impressive glacier that terminates at its own melt lake. Cruises are available to the face of Portage, giving patrons an up close and personal view of the magical blue crystalline ice.

Along the drive to this glacier (the most visited glacier in the entire state) are several more outstanding specimens, so take your time to enjoy these remnants of the last Ice Age properly.

2) Enjoy Alaska’s true nature at Chugach State Park

If getting to know nature in a more deeply personal way than just snapping iPhone shots of it is important to you, then a day (or night) spent at Chugach State Park will satisfy these needs. Whether you love hiking through alpine meadows, boating on its many pristine lakes and rivers, or camping under the stars, Chugach will provide the otherworldly surroundings to accomplish all these activities.

3) Partake of Anchorage’s thriving microbrewery scene

After your adventures outside Anchorage, be sure to spend a night in the big city quaffing some of its outstanding ales from its many microbreweries. From the Snow Goose, which pioneered the craze back in the early days, to the Glacier Brewhouse, which flavors their beers using oak barrels, there are well over a dozen outstanding breweries to choose and sample from on some of the longest summer evenings anywhere in America.


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