Things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada

In the opinion of most of the people who have been there, there are more things to do in Las Vegas thanĀ  any other city in the world. Though a lot of people who have never been there assume that Las Vegas is mostly about gambling, the truth is that this city is a wonderful place for a family vacation as well, even if none of you are interested in trying your luck at the tables. No matter where the interests of your family members lie, there will be something somewhere in this remarkable city that will make your trip there one of their most memorable vacations anywhere.

Of course, if you do want to gamble, then you are going to be in paradise. Both on the strip and off, it is almost impossible to travel more than one block without experiencing the sights and sounds of another casino, many of them among the most famous in the world. According to a lot of people, one of the best things to do in Las Vegas is to play blackjack at the Bellagio, but the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, and The Luxor are all highly rated as well. Each of these casinos is in a hotel of the same name, and the shopping, dining, shows, and attractions in any one of these hotels are so spectacular that you could never leave the property for an entire weekend and not want for excitement and pleasure.

Speaking of hotels, these landmarks create such amazing sight seeing opportunities that just walking the strip to see them all is an attraction in and of itself. Many of them even have outdoor shows performed periodically that you can stop and watch for free. Now that we have twice mentioned the subject of shows, we should add that many people do little else during their trips to this amazing town. Some headline acts perform nowhere else! Terry Fator is one example. He is a singing ventriloquist whose show is a must see. Of course, acts from all over the nation play Vegas, including such notables as the Blue Man Group. If you enjoy magic shows, Las Vegas is the magic capital of the world, boasting such names as David Copperfield and Penn and Teller.

Besides gambling, sight seeing, and shows, there are also other things to do in Las Vegas. For example, there are also a number of amusement and water parks. Plus, we have yet to even mention the dining. Most of the casinos also have a buffet, and it is often surprisingly inexpensive. One thing is for sure. No matter how long your visit to Vegas happens to be, you will never be bored.


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