The Traditional Tourist’s Guide To South Africa


South Africa is the most populous country of Africa, and it is found on the most southern tip of the continent surrounded by stunning coastline. This diverse and beautiful landscape is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Indian Ocean on the east, and it is renowned for its abundant tourist attractions, from the cultural and archaeological to the historical and geological. South Africa enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate which is great if you’re looking to top up your tan, and there are a variety of affordable places to stay too no matter what city you’re visiting. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of visiting South Africa in 2014, search online comparison sites to get a great deal for the whole family!

Cultural Attractions

South Africa is home to a diverse and exciting culture, and there are numerous attractions for tourists to experience – like watching an Afrikaans music festival live at Klein Karro! The country’s modern side is depicted throughout the amazing cities, featuring vibrant nightlife, fine restaurants and hotels, art galleries, theatres, cinemas and countless places to shop. The Eastern Cape is home to various traditional villages that simply shouldn’t be missed, not least for the wonderful cuisine you can try here! The Wine Routes of the Western Cape, with their Dutch homesteads and rolling green vineyards dating back to the 1600’s, are other attractions in South Africa that you must experience.

Archaeological Sites 

South Africa also home to numerous ancient sites, many of which have revealed the origins of human civilisation. Evidence to these amazing discoveries include early stone tools used to enslave other humans, most notably in the town of Lydenburg that dates back to the Early Iron age in the Transvaal region of South Africa. Furthermore, the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park depicts an ancient rock art heritage by the San hunter gatherers who occupied the region for 4,000 years until the late 19th century!

Historical Attractions

Among the leading historical attractions of South Africa is Robben Island in the Western Cape. The island is renowned as the place where the late and first black president of South Africa – Nelson Mandela – was imprisoned for 27 years with other freedom fighters in the struggle to stop apartheid. The island is a World Heritage Site that is described as a symbol of oppression resistance not only by the people of South Africa, but also many other supporting nations. Historical monuments, such as the Castle of Good Hope, are other symbolic treasures that speak much about the past of South Africa.

Geological Diversity

Geological attractions top the list of things to see and experience in South Africa, and starting with parks, the Karoo National Park offers tourists the chance to explore the largest ecosystem in the country! Home to unique plants and animals such as rhinos, buffaloes, lions and giraffes, the park is looked over by the dominating Table Mountain, a beautiful sight no matter where you are in Karoo.


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