Taking a Trip to Barbados This Winter


As winter approaches, the time to plan your yearly tropical getaway has also arrived.  Having been to deeply beautiful places throughout the world in your life, you have a great appreciation for the congruent combination of white sand, lukewarm aquamarine waters, and an ice cold fruity drink in hand.

Having googled images of Barbados one night recently, you’re largely sold on booking your plane ticket to this Caribbean island in the Lesser Antilles.  However, before you surf over to Hipmunk or Agoda to set your plans in stone, you also want to find out what unique activities and sights that Barbados has to offer, as while you do enjoy your beach time as much as the next person, you cannot see yourself lying on the beach each day, every day until your vacation is over.

To aid you in your fact finding quest, Holiday Vacations Guide always recommends you search for flight deals online with websites such as TravelBag before you book. We’ve also assembled a sample itinerary you might wish to follow on one of your days on the island, when you are feeling quite ambitious and wanderlust is pushing you out the door to see places and things.  Enjoy!

1) Kensington Oval – Barbados was colonized by the British many hundreds of years ago, and while Barbados has since claimed their independence from the Crown, many traditions brought over from the UK still persist here today.  One such cultural leftover is the unique sport of Cricket, firmly entrenched in the sporting cultures of many former British colonies outside of North America.  If you are not from these places, catching a game of this interesting sport will prove to be an easy window into beginning to understand Bajan culture.

2) Harrison’s Cave – While the beauty of Barbados is apparent everywhere you look, the world underneath the ground is just as fascinating.  Located in the highlands of the island, Harrison’s Cave is a large limestone cave filled with many stacalites and stalagmites, and pools filled with crystal clear water, giving the cavern a surreal feel.  Those concerned about skulking around in the dark needn’t fear anything: the main areas accessible to the public are well-lit, and a tramway carries you through to all of the points of interest, allowing you to enjoy the world beneath your feet, without worrying about the dangers or getting dirty.

3) Fine Dining at the Cliff – Located at the edge of a dramatic cliff, and backlit by torches, this outstanding five star restaurant is a foodie’s dream experience on the island of Barbados.  While the price of the multi-course meals provide at this classy establishment are fairly pricey, splurging for one special meal together can provide a defining memory for the entire trip – so don’t hold back, and let your senses be pampered.

While there are many options available for holiday makers to get off the grounds of their resort and out to see the real Barbados, we hope this sample day will get you off the fence and on a plane to the tropical paradise that charms new arrivals every single day.


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