Popular Vacation Destinations in Central America

For years only people interested in backpacking seemed to be interested in vacation places in Central America. This was because of the terrain and the different stigmas that come along with Central America, but this is just not the case anymore. There are a great many Central America vacation destinations that are worth the trip and can be fun for you and your travel companions. The beautiful beaches, enjoyable activities, and awesome cuisine are just some of the reasons to plan a vacation to Central America.

Belize is a Central America vacation destination to look into. The beaches in Belize are jaw dropping with its beauty. Belize is a great country with many parts to take a look at. This Central American location is just hours from the American border, which is great if you are an American looking to take a day trip. If you are in the Ambergris Caye area you should take a look at the things to do on the beach.  The beaches and the coral reef is the thing to do when in Belize. You can snorkel or even take a glass bottomed boat to really see the wonders of this beautiful part of the world.

Another really great Central America destination is the Stann Creek District in Belize. This is part of Central America that stretches all the way to the Caribbean. This place is known for its exceptional wildlife. The Cockcomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is a really awesome place to visit and enjoy while on vacation if you are a wildlife lover. Since the location is a sanctuary the many different exotic animals just roam around. There are a ton of different animals including Screeching monkeys, jaguars, and many others to look at.

Another great vacation destination in Central America is Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a beautiful destination with a lot to do. This is a very popular vacation area, which means there is just a ton of tourist attractions and beaches that are always a popular stop for most vacationers. Another really interesting place to visit, when in Costa Rica, is La Fortuna. La Fortuna is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the Western Hemisphere. It is for this reason that many fear the destination, but there is little to fear. The Volcano does erupt, but it does do in a non-threatening way. It is even said to be a very beautiful light show at night.

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