Off The Beaten Track Caribbean Islands: Our Top 3 Picks


The Caribbean is a beautiful place to vacation whenever and wherever you are in the world; there’s something so soothing about island paradises, far away from everything stressful. However, some of those places which should be highly relaxing can be highly frustrating instead due to crowding tourists, bad traffic, lackluster accommodations and all the other problems which plague travelers in the hottest travel spots. Fortunately there are some islands which see less traffic than others and these especially are the best spots to get away from it all for a while and find peace and quiet for a time.

The island of Anegada isn’t exactly off the beaten track but there is a definite lack of the big crowds and throngs of people like those which travel to Jamaica every year. It’s a small place so it’s understandable that it would foster fewer people throughout the year. Don’t let that discourage you from giving the place a good look though – you could be pleasantly surprised by what you read about this Caribbean island. The water is clear and clean and the air is fresh and pure; there is no big industry around to create any real pollution.

Caye Caulker is something of an oddity among islands, even in the Caribbean group. Because it is made out of coral and not earth there isn’t much in the way of farming on this 5 mile long strip of reef, but there are plenty of buildings and sights you’ve probably never seen before. Remember that coral is incredibly sharp and be careful not to take any nasty spills while you’re visiting. People live, work and visit Caye Caulker every year and the little place is growing in popularity so going sooner rather than later is probably for the best.

Nevis is another Caribbean island not quite like the others. If you’re into water sports like fishing, boating, parasailing and other related activities, Nevis is the place to indulge yourself. It isn’t an especially busy place so getting good reservations is a relatively easy matter even for inexperienced travelers though calling ahead is always better than trying to get something on the spot after you arrive. While it isn’t as unique as Caye Caulker or as exotic as Anegada this Caribbean island deserves its place on this list because it’s a great vacation spot.

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