Make It A Great Holiday In Marrakech


At this point in your life, you’ve done more than your fair share of traveling.  Having spent many unforgiving winters in the Caribbean, summer breaks combing through the ancient castles and cities of Europe, and outdoor adventure treks exploring the alpine scenery of the Alps and the Canadian Rockies, you feel you have seen much of the world’s wonders … yet you still feel that something is missing.

After doing a bit of soul searching, you realize you have kept to the developed world or behind the gates of resorts for the vast majority of your journeys. While the first world has many cultural and natural wonders to explore and contemplate, it just doesn’t possess the spice of the developing world.

While many of these nations lack in infrastructure quality at times, the way of life in these nations have largely been left intact due to the absence of the wealth effect that tends to change cultures to be like the way they are in the west when they industrialize.  To experience the exotic nature of these rougher but worth it nations, you have chosen to travel to Marrakech in Morocco for your initiation to a world where the human experience beats stronger.

So you don’t miss the best of the attractions while you wander around this amazing country in amazement, we have assembled a list of Marrakech’s top three attractions that will take your amazing holiday in Morocco, and make it into one of the best yet!

1) Djemaa El-Fna

Located at the heart of the medina in Marrakech, Djemaa El-Fna is a central gathering place for the city, and as a result is has become quite the popular destination for culturally attuned travelers as well.  Musicians , dancers and performers of all types entertain through the day and night with their exotic and occasionally dangerous stunts and acts, so be sure to support them with your money when they have concluded their show.

Aggressive merchants offering henna tattoos and pictures with monkeys will almost certainly solicit you at some point.  They will charge a very high price to start, so be sure to negotiate hard if you want either service.

2) The Souks

If you want to bring home an authentic Moroccan good like a tagine so you can place it on your mantle to make your insufferable in-laws jealous, head to the nearby souks and be ready to treat the ensuing bartering like a contact sport (figuratively of course … don’t end up in a Moroccan jail now).

While the prices of the tagines, shoes, and tea pots may seem like a deal to you, the true cost is often much lower, as the dealers have been schooled in their art since their childhood.  While you may not get the better of them, you’ll get a better deal that you would otherwise, and you’ll learn valuable new skills for your corporate/business life back home!

3) The Tanneries

While you might think that these workplaces may not be a place a traveler should visit, simply asking workers if you can look around may get you an impromptu tour (for a price, of course).  Getting in will give you a look into how leathers are made, and just as a spoiler, it kinda smells.  It is fascinating though, so scrunch your nose and see how these articles of clothing are made.

Get uncomfortable and reap the rewards

While lying on a white sand beach for two weeks can be relaxing initially, after a while it can get tiresome.  Taking some time away from the resort, of in the case of this article, an entire holiday away from the beach will show you a world that will allow you to learn lessons you can’t learn by sitting in a sun lounger with a White Russian in your hands.  Save that for the last few days … you’ll survive, we promise!

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