Luxury holiday destinations that will make you feel like a millionaire

Luxury holiday destinations like the Maldives will make you feel like a millionaire

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Around the world, there are luxury holiday destinations that will make you feel like a millionaire the second you arrive. These places may seem costly for those accustomed to traveling on a budget, but the experiences you’ll have here make them well worth the price.

Whether you are saving feverishly for one of these splurge holidays, or are hoping that one of your online lottery tickets will come through for you, let’s have some fun and look at holiday destinations that deliver huge value to those prepared to spend considerable sums of cash…

Saint Lucia

While many parts of the Caribbean cater to the uber-rich, Saint Lucia is an island that is a particular favorite of the jet set. Many of them book stays at the Jade Mountain Resort, which has unbeatable views of the Pitons from its fabulous infinity pools.

Additionally, some of the best white sand beaches on the island are only accessible to patrons of five star resorts like Sugar Beach, making it a more relaxing than the publicly accessible beaches elsewhere on the island.


An enclave on the French Riviera established specifically as a refuge for the rich and well-connected, Monaco has everything the well-heeled traveler requires while on a Mediterranean holiday.

When you aren’t busy relaxing with a glass of champagne at one of its exclusive beach clubs, you can try your luck at the Monte Carlo Casino.

With some of the hottest table game action in Europe, it is easy to run up a stack fairly quickly – or lose a small fortune in a matter of minutes.

Bora Bora

If you are planning a honeymoon or romantic getaway, Bora Bora should be one of your top choices. Famous for its volcanic mountains and over-water bungalows, the two of you will wake up everyday to the sound of the tides washing the pilings beneath the floor of your bedroom.

With plenty of excellent snorkeling opportunities, world class dining, and inspiring vistas, this holiday will easily rank among your top three trips lifetime.

The Maldives

The Maldives is another great option for those looking for luxury in the tropics. A chain of hundreds of coral islands situated south of India and Sri Lanka, chances are there will be nothing but cerulean sea surrounding the island where you choose to situate yourself.

A variety of water sports will be available to entertain you should you choose to be active, but there are plenty of options for those that wish to lounge instead, as there are plenty of swim-up bars, infinity pools, as well as natural sand bars, where you and your partner can pretend to be castaways as long as your hearts desire.

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