Great places for a holiday on the island of Java in Indonesia

Photo by CC user werner22brigitte on Pixabay

Looking for a series of great places to go on holiday on the island of Java in Indonesia? As Indonesia’s most populated island, there are plenty of experiences waiting for you here.

Below, we will review our favorite places on this island to make the best use of a holiday in this part of Indonesia…

1) Bandung

Photo by CC user Crisco 1492 on Wikimedia Commons

Situated within only two hours of the city of Jakarta, Bandung is one of the most popular weekend destinations for Indonesians that live on the island of Java.

Situated up in the highlands of Central Java, the cool air up here is a big relief from the heat of the tropical lowlands, and the abundant nature that can be found in the surrounding countryside allows city dwellers to escape from the noise and chaos that reigns in many of Indonesia’s biggest cities.

When you aren’t exploring attractions such as the crater lake at Kawah Putih, the tea plantations and strawberry farms that thrive in the alpine chill found here, or the amazing street food scene that can be found on Jalan Burangrang, the amenities that can be found at fabulous properties such as Tebu Hotel Bandung will fill your time with plenty of memories.

If you are looking for something different than this place, there are plenty of other options on travel websites such as that will allow you to choose your accommodation that will make your time in Bandung a comfortable and memorable one.

2) Yogyakarta

Widely considered to be the center of arts and culture on the island of Java, any traveler exploring this part of Indonesia simply cannot miss spending a few days in the city of Yogyakarta.

From the nearby temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, to the palace of Yogyakarta’s sultan known as The Kraton, there are plenty of historical sites to see here.

Shoppers will be thrilled as well, as it is here where Indonesia’s famed Batik art can be found in abundance in galleries and street side marketplaces.

3) Malang

While it is here where many travelers base themselves in order to see Mount Bromo, Indonesia’s most famous volcano, there are many other things that can be seen in the Malang area in addition to that.

There are number of Hindu temples dating back to the time when this religion was the primary faith of the people, and there are a number of beaches located within a short drive of the city on the northern Java coast that will wow you for the simple fact that there are next to no people on them.

This stands in stark contrast of what one can find on Bali, making it very attractive for those seeking solitude in a beautiful setting.

4) Jakarta

Photo by CC user Gunkarta on Wikimedia Commons

Though it is often derided as a city that is too congested for one to enjoy, there are plenty of people that look at Jakarta’s bustling nature and derive a lot of energy from it.

Those looking for an agglomeration of Indonesia’s diverse cuisine will find it on the streets here. Specifically, unique dishes can be had in its Chinatown, so be sure to explore it with an open mind.

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