Duty free goods at the airport that are worth the price

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Ever breeze past the shops behind security at the airport, not thinking that there isn’t anything in there that could possibly interest you? There are duty free goods at the airport that are worth the price … this article will make that case to you in the following paragraphs…

Top shelf liquors and wines

These products are usually listed at impossibly high prices at your local bottle shop. When you’re passing through your airport’s international zone (the part beyond customs and security) though, you can take advantage of this area’s duty-free status by picking up some truly iconic liquor brands at unthinkably low prices.

Products like Hennessy cognac, Johnny Walker Black Label whiskey, and Grey Goose vodka are just some of the top shelf labels you can pick up.

Additionally, there are shops that import the best vintages of vino from major wine producing countries from all over the world.

With nations like Argentina, Canada, South Africa and Australia (among others) being represented, you’ll have a wealth of choice at your disposal. Bring an awesome bottle home and impress your family and friends…

Fine brand name fragrances

Want to smell good upon your arrival to your destination? Take the next step in enhancing your appearance by picking up a nice smelling bottle of cologne or perfume.

What would go for over $100 at your local pharmacy can be had for less than that at a shop that offers brands priced at a great value, such as Chanel and Calvin Klein.

From scents that are fit for people from divas to sports stars, you can envelop yourself in an olfactory experience that will enrapture you and the people that you meet at home and abroad.

Decadent and full-bodied chocolates

Want something that you can enjoy straight out of the shop? One of the consumables that duty-free shops are best known for are chocolates.

In bar, candy and piece form, these can either help you circumvent the pedestrian snacks that certain airlines foist on their customers, or you can purchase a gift that will earn you tons of brownie points from your significant other when you hand it to them shortly after strolling through arrivals.

State of the art and top of the line watches

Just closed a boss business deal and want to treat yourself to something truly balla? Nothing communicates this quite like a pricey watch that you got for hundreds of dollars less due to its duty-free status.

Whether you choose a Tissot, a Tag Heuer, or an Omega, its attention drawing nature will let people passing by you in business class that you belong in and deserve that chair.

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