Discovering Patagonia


Patagonia is a special place known around the world which is shared by Chile and Argentina at the very most southern tip of South America. Due to it’s geographical uniqueness, it shares two coasts being on the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans as well as the southern tip of the Andes mountains. Also, the Falkand ¬†Islands and Tierra del Fuego are often considered to be part of this magical area.

For the most part, the entire region of Patagonia is part of a region of plains which successively rise roughly 100m at a time and covered with an immense and somewhat baron sheet of grass. As a result, the entire area looks even larger than it really is in many parts and what it lacks in certain types of vegetation it most certainly makes up for with majestic views. The types of vegetation change as one gets closer to the coast. Due to the low ocean temperatures surrounding the area and and the humid air rising, Patagonia is home to the largest ice-fields and glaciers in the southern hemisphere besides Antarctica itself.

That said, there are endless things to do in Patagonia withs some popular ones being: outdoor adventures of any kind, whale watching, learning about dinosaurs, penguin watching, staying and helping out at a ranch, water sports for the brave and hiking on glaciers. This is just a sample of what there is to do and many people often visit Patagonia if they are on their way to Antarctica as well. If you’re flying in the area, LAN Airlines can most certainly get you there.

Something else worth noting is that Tierra del Fuego is known for being one of the eight points of the Soul of the World which is an interesting concept with roots in ancient times. If one is looking for some surreal scenery, epic outdoor adventures and visiting one of the most well known natural phenomenons of the world then a trip to Patagonia is not to be missed when visiting South America.

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