Caribbean Vacation Ideas


It is hardly a matter of debate that the numerous islands in the Caribbean are among the most favorite tourist destinations in the west. Barring a few exceptions like the Canary Islands and some in South America, Caribbean is the much sought after paradise. The quick conveyances and favorable climate make them a haven for tourism. Among all the popular islands in the Caribbean, here are 5 great ones.

St. Lucia

St Lucia is one of those islands that offer best of all the worlds. You can find towering rainforest regions, pinkish white sandy beaches, mountains and some scenic views of the bustling port city. St Lucia is also ideal for numerous activities such as hiking, biking or mountaineering. With several oases, state of the art facilities and a huge variety of lip-smacking local cuisines, St Lucia has already become the crowning jewel among all islands in the Caribbean.


Rihanna fans would not need any reason to visit Barbados. If at all you need reasons then the young and throbbing nightlife, meticulously planned city that doesn’t allow the buildings to be built taller than the neighboring trees and an exquisite shopping experience are just some of the many factors that can entice you to Barbados. The manner in which the local populace intermingles with the foreign tourists in perfect harmony is another major aspect that helps Barbados to have a unique flavor.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is perhaps the only place where Spanish colonial influence blends with Mexican culture nurtured in the American way of life brings forth a unique experience. Old San Juan, the bioluminescent bay and the El Yunque rainforest are enough reasons to visit Puerto Rico. The city center is urbanized and a tad commercial but the natural settings, long beaches and the local history & culture would be music to the ears for tourists.


Dominica is one of the only popular islands in Caribbean that has not been extensively touched by urbanization or globalization. The island is pretty much into the old ways of livelihood and you would be disappointed looking for five star accommodations. However, if you want Caribbean at its natural best with mountain top rainforests sweeping down till the beaches and scenic beauties then Dominica is where you ought to be.

St. Maarten

St Maarten is where the Dutch meets the French and while the two cultures clash with each other, all can take their favorite drink on the mega yachts or the Sunset Beach and usher in some of the best times you can have on a holiday in Caribbean.

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