Can’t Miss Attractions in Costa Rica


When it comes to unusual places to take a vacation, Costa Rica is not somewhere most people think of.  However, there are many reasons to visit Costa Rica including its lush jungle and its beautiful sandy beaches. Costa Rica is located in Central America, and it is quickly becoming a popular vacation destination. For anyone that is interested in taking a vacation in one of the most unique places on earth, here is more information about the can’t miss attractions in Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano: Located in the northern part of Costa Rica, the height of the Arenal volcano is a little over 5280 feet. Though a popular tourist attraction, the volcano is one of the most active in the world.  When the sun goes down, lava can be seen flowing down the side of the volcano, and hot rocks come out of the top looking like fireworks. Around the base of the volcano, there are pool of bubbling water that people love to soak in for stress relief and relaxation.

Corcovado National Park:  This natural park is filled with an abundance of plant life. The reason why the park is so green is the fact that is it located in one of the areas of Costa Rica that gets huge amounts of rain every year. Typically, the national park gets over 200 inches of rain a year, which helps the plants thrive.

Beaches: For anyone that loves water, Costa Rica has plenty of beaches. The coastline of Costa Rica is over 700 miles long, which means there are plenty of beaches for everyone to visit and enjoy.  In addition to surfing and wind surfing, many people head for the water to scuba dive for seashells. Some of the best beaches to visit include Hermosa Beach, Boca Barranca, and Jaco.  For people who prefer a more private beach, there are a lot of hotels that offer private beaches for their guests only.

Anyone looking for a diverse place to visit should consider booking a trip to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is known for its thick rain forests and its 700 miles of coastline that is filled with beaches. However, in addition to the jungle and the beach, Costa Rica has unique attractions like an active volcano. Whether its surfing a beautiful beach, or walking through a rain forest that gets over 200 inches of rain a year, Costa Rica has something for everyone that visits it.

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