Finding the best gambling experiences in Las Vegas

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Heading to Sin City to get your gamble on, but not sure what games to tackle? This article will help you find the best gambling experiences in Las Vegas, whether you like the tracking the spin of a roulette ball, or hanging on the flip of every card.

Love blackjack? Play in a truck stop casino … seriously!

It seems kinda strange that you would head all the way out to a gritty truck stop to satiate your hunger for blackjack, but going to the Alamo casino on the corner of Blue Diamond and Dean Martin will pay dividends will some of the most player friendly rules in Las Vegas.

With 3-2 paid out on naturals and dealers being required to hit on soft 17’s, as well as other rules being present that pares back the house edge to a skinny 0.14%, small stakes gamblers can make a ton of money if the cards happen to be flowing their way on a given night.

Casino Royale: home to the least crappiest craps game in town

Craps can be a confusing game at times, so it helps when aggressive promotions end up paying customers with a ton of heart behind their wagers loads of money for hitting. Being one of the best capitalized casinos on The Strip, Casino Royale offers up to x20 odds on certain bets, which is considerably more than its competition along Las Vegas Blvd. C’mon baby, roll another 7, baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Mirage: your best bet for Roulette

At fun as roulette can be at times, one of the most annoying “innovations” from the players perspective in Las Vegas casinos has been the proliferation of the ’00’ slot on wheels in casinos across the city. This worsens the long-term expectation of players betting on common safe spots like red/black, thirds, etc.

However, there are a few casinos that have wheels that have just the one ‘0’ slot, which reduces the house’s overall edge, thereby making it easier for Lady Luck to smile upon gamers participating in these games.

Mirage is one of these places where it is still possible to take spins at low stakes with these more favorable machines, so be sure to play here if you are a serious roulette player.

If you’d like to play roulette, but you have little or no experience at this game, be sure to practice this engaging game at William Hill before leaving, as you can place bets at all stake levels there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week … check it out for yourself below:

Check out poker paradise at the Aria

If live poker is your game, make sure you check out the card room at the Aria during your time in Las Vegas. With cash games in Hold’em, Omaha, Stud and variety of draw and mixed games with stakes starting from $1/$3 and going all the way up to $10/$20 or higher, there is plenty of action at any time of day or night in the game of your choice.

Additionally, there is a $100 + rebuy game that goes twice a day for those that want to embrace the excitement of no limit hold’em tournament action. If you’d rather just watch high stakes ballers go at each other, check out Ivey’s Room, where you can watch your favorite poker stars throw around thousands of dollars at each other in any given hand.

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