Best Destinations for a Tech Free Holiday


Fifteen years ago, a holiday abroad was a total break from work, commitments and the daily grind. The likelihood was that your mobile phone wouldn’t work abroad. Even if it did, you might make the odd phone call or send the odd text but you’d be too frightened of the roaming charges to do much more than that. One call home on a two week holiday was enough.

These days however, work can follow you everywhere. It’s not unusual to take a work call at midnight in a different time zone or check your emails by the pool whilst the children play on their computer games. If you long for the good old days when a break was really a break, you’ll be pleased to know that there are still a few places in the world where you can head off for a tech free holiday.

South America

Famous for its vibrant culture, music and dance, South America also boasts some hidden secrets. You could truly escape from it all into the Amazon Rainforest. Leave civilisation, mobile phone signals and games consoles far behind and take an organised tour to visit a friendly jungle tribe. Ditch the alarm clock and replace it with the call of howler monkeys at dawn. Say goodbye to your comfortable bed facing a flat screen television and sleep in a hammock under the stars. Forget your luxury bathroom, electric toothbrush and shower radio. Say hello to a hole in the ground as a toilet and a swim in the river for a wash.


If South America seems a bit far flung and extreme, why not retreat to the Scottish Highlands and Islands and leave your Tech at home? Take yourself back to the times before you had Sat-Nav and in-car entertainment by travelling by coach, click here for details. How will you pass the time on your journey? You could break open a pack of playing cards, play eye spy or even just enjoy the scenery. On arrival, relish the new-found freedom of not being in contact with work. Why not hire a bicycle and view the amazing Scottish wildlife? Sea eagles, otters, deer and beavers are all here. For once, why not leave your camera at home and be fully submersed in what you see, making memories rather than photographs?

New Zealand

If you like the idea of jetting off to the other side of the world but you want to avoid the bright lights of the big city, New Zealand offers some beautiful low-tech destinations. Why not travel around the beautiful South Island? Hire a kayak in the beautiful Abel Tasman national park, take a trip in a traditional Maori waka canoe, or go to a hangi to enjoy a fabulous meal cooked naturally in a hole in the ground. The whole country is geared up around sport and activity. You just won’t have time to realise that you don’t have your mobile phone or games console.

Wherever you decide to go, make the most of your tech-free time, in this day and age it is precious.

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