Below the radar holiday spots in the Riviera Maya

Photo by CC user 14465295@N05 on Flickr

Want to get off the beaten path on your upcoming holiday in the Riviera Maya? Below, we will discuss five different destinations that are not commonly mentioned in your travel brochure when examining options for a holiday here…

1) Isla Mujeres

Located six kilometers off the coast of Cancun, Isla Mujeres couldn’t be further away from the party hearty mindset that predominates on the mainland.

A dramatic mindset shift takes place the second you step off the ferry, as the sight of golf carts racing around stands in stark contrast to the cars and buses back in Cancun.

The beaches are of a high quality, there’s a turtle farm specializes in rehabilitating injured tortugas, and an art sculpture park at the southern point of the island will impress travelers of all ages.

2) Puerto Morelos

Situated halfway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos is a small fishing town of 8,500 people that has so far maintained its tranquility in the face of rapid development elsewhere in the area.

If you are looking for a Riviera Maya beach that meets your standards for quality and low traffic levels, then you will be pleased by the one that you find here.

When you aren’t busy either working on your tan or exploring Puerto Morelos’ sandy coast, you can access one of many cenotes by taking a quick collectivo ride from the center of town.

3) Akumal

Want to have a chance to swim with sea turtles on your beach holiday in the Riviera Maya? The best chance of doing so is in Akumal, whose name literally means the land of turtles in the Mayan language.

The water that runs adjacent to the beach is especially clear compared to other places in the Riviera Maya, so if you are particular about this sort of thing when booking your holiday, Akumal might be the place for you.

4) Puerto Aventuras

If you are looking to stay a bit closer to Playa del Carmen if a modern community with every amenity that you need, then make arrangements to stay in the small town of Puerto Adventuras.

With a scenic golf course located right in your backyard, this is the perfect place for a fan of this game to be, as they’ll be able to get in a round in the morning before heading to the beach in the afternoon.

Separated from the city of Playa del Carmen by about ten kilometres, this community is a place of solace from the buzz that increases there with every passing year.

5) Punta Allen

What to truly get away from it all during your time in the Mayan Riviera? Punta Allen is about as far as you can get off the beaten track in this part of Mexico, as getting here takes a couple of hours driving down a bumpy, potholed road that follows a thin, sandy peninsula south of Tulum.

While this small village isn’t exactly the most happening place in the world, its immense natural beauty will put you under its spell from the moment you arrive.

After dark, gaze upon a night sky that is unlike anything you have seen before in your life, as there are no sources of light pollution to obscure the stars that shine above.

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