Enjoying a relaxing beach holiday in Colombia

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Slowly but surely, travelers the world over are finding out about how safe and amazing Colombia is these days.

From colonial cities to a national cuisine that is surprisingly good, there is much to love about this former no-go zone.

Another reason to book your tickets here: the unspoiled beaches that can be found along the most southerly reaches of the Caribbean.

While these have long been the domain of Colombians, the increase in foreign tourism to the country have more folks from abroad discovering the possibilities of having a relaxing beach holiday in Colombia.

1) Santa Marta

Looking for an urban beach holiday with every amenity conceivable at your beck and call? Locating yourself in Santa Marta will accomplish this goal, as this city of 450,000 people has had a long history of catering to the whims of domestic tourists, and with an increase in traffic from overseas, they are getting better at serving foreigners as well.

Those looking for action in addition to spending time in a sun lounger will find plenty of jet skis to rent and SCUBA diving tours to sign up for, while those looking for attractions away from the beach will love the artifacts at the Museo del Oro (Museum of Gold), as well as the history present at the home where South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar breathed his last breath.

2) Tayrona National Park

Those looking for a more natural setting in their Colombian beach holiday will find the surroundings of Tayona National Park to be more in tune with their preferences.

With granite boulders and thick jungle sitting behind golden sands and the surging swells of the southern Caribbean Sea, many a day will be spent stumbling from your tent in the morning hours for a refreshing dip in some of the most enchanted waters you’ll see during your travels in South America.

Surfers will be in their element here, as the waves approach epic proportions in wet season, but watch out for the rip tide here, as its pull has put carvers and swimmers in dangerous predicaments in the past.

3) San Andres and Providencia Islands

Spending some time in Medellin working as a digital nomad/entrepreneur, or just a holidaymaker looking for a true taste of the Colombian Caribbean?

If so, hopping on a flight to the islands of San Andres and Providencia will be the relaxing break that you’ve been looking for, as its multiple shades of crystal clear blue/green water and powder white sand will blow away anything you can find on the mainland.

Both isles are duty free areas, meaning alcohol and many other goods are absurdly cheap – so go nuts and enjoy yourself during your stay on the Caribbean’s lesser known hideaways.

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