4 Super Summer Holiday Destinations for 2016 


Some countries are fortunate enough to have plentiful sunshine throughout the year. Therefore, these are the best destinations where you can go if you are looking for summer holidays. With the abundance of the options, however, which one should you pick? Keep on reading and we will recommend some of the best summer destinations that you can visit around the world.


If you are thinking of a destination to explore in Southeast Asia, Vietnam should be on the top of your list. It’s the perfect destination to enjoy some summer sun. Its most popular attraction is perhaps Halong Bay, which is located in the northern part of the country. Officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it consists of limestone formations and calm waters, which will be best explored riding a luxury bunk boat. Another place that you should not miss is Hoi An, which is home to elegant buildings. Its capital, Ho Chi Minh, should not also be missed. To learn more about their history, a visit to the War Remnants Museum and Cuchi Tunnels will surely be an eye-opening experience.


When you make mention of visiting Peru during the summer months, there is no wonder that the most popular thing to do would be a visit to Machu Picchu, which can be best explored during the sunny days. Take the Inca Trail and be mesmerized by the wonderful view of this Incan city. More than Machu Pichu, you can also explore the Amazon Rainforest or have a hike at Colca Canyon. If you are looking for something that is more unique, visit the desert oasis of Huacachina and try thrilling activities such as sandboarding. If you love the waves and the sun, you can visit Manorca, a place that is popular among surfers.

Sri Lanka

With its golden coast and diverse wildlife, a holiday to Sri Lanka presents another excellent choice for a destination where you can enjoy super summer. Among others, one that should not be missed is a visit at Yale National Park, which is home to monkeys, crocodiles, and birds, among others. It is also known for having the largest concentration of leopards. If you find history and culture fascinating, your itinerary should include a visit to Pollonoruwa. Sigiriya should not be missed as well, which is known for the rock fortress that stands proud at 200 meters. To enjoy the summer, explore one of its many beaches, including Bentota, Unawatuna, and Negombo.


It is impossible to run out of ideas on places to visit in the U.S. in the pursuit of some great summer sun. Famous for its luxury beaches, pristine national parks and energetic cities, the options can prove to be overwhelming. Florida is always on the list, especially because it does not only have nice beaches, but also theme parks, making it perfect for families. California is also a nice choice, especially Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. For adults, on the other hand, Las Vegas is always a prime choice, which will offer vast choices for gambling and partying.

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