3 Holiday Hotspots in Chile


If you’re considering going somewhere different this summer, somewhere cooler than all the other usual haunts that everybody always goes to – then make them all do a double take … by taking your vacation time and using it to explore the world’s longest country, Chile.

Stretching from the subtropical Atacama Desert in the north to some of the world’s most exquisite mountain scenery in the Patagonian south, this country can appeal to those looking for a warm weather break no matter the time of year, a chilled out winter experience in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere summer, or to those looking to experience the blissful Mediterranean climate that blesses the midpoints of the nation.

While there are many places where you could focus your sightseeing and recreation efforts in Chile, the following three hotspots will ensure that no matter what else you do on your trip, the overall experience will be a positive one due to time spent at three of the following holiday hotspots in this country.

1) World’s largest swimming pool – San Alfonso del Mar Resort, Algarrobo

Who doesn’t love an awesome swimming pool when they’re away from home on vacation? If you count yourself among those that are overtly enthusiastic about these ponds of aquatic pleasure, then making a pilgrimage to the pool at the San Alfonso del Mar Resort is an absolute must. This monstrosity has been verified as the largest swimming pool on Earth, measuring 3,300 feet or more than a half a mile long.

The expanse is so great that the hotel that fronts it rents kayaks and sailboats to customers looking to traverse it. The pool is heated to 26c by the sun, making it a pleasant experience throughout the summer season.

2) Torres Del Paine National Park

If seeing truly epic mountains on vacation is an ambition of yours, then visiting Torres Del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia is exactly what your vacation in Chile should be centred around. The winter season that is ahead of us at this writing makes this park an endeavour that only those willing to endure high windchills and deep snowdrifts (but you’ll be among the only people there to see what these amazing peaks look like when they’re chock full of snow) should attempt.

However, if your trip has you here during the warm months of the Southern Hemisphere (i.e. the northern winter), you’ll see the blue glacial ice and granite towers of Torres del Paine, framed by the greenery and flowers in your immediate foreground.

3) Vina del Mar

Those looking for the classic tourist town experience in Chile will find it in Vina Del Mar, located a short distance from the national capital of Santiago. Sociable travelers will love this place in summer, as it is a popular seaside getaway for local Chileans, and even if you arrive here during the “winter”, daytime temperatures can still get up to a very pleasant 15-20 degrees Celsius during the day on sunny days during this low part of the year.

As for other attractions, there are a number of museums, as well as a very popular casino for those looking to try their luck at paying for their trip with one lucky flip of a card or roll of a die.

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