3 Classic Places To Enjoy A Sunset


Of all the moments one has during a trip away from home, sunsets seem to rank among the more special ones.  When you’re not on vacation, you’re typically too busy to notice our sun’s closing act each day, whether you are hard at work on a project late in the day at work, or busy preparing the evening’s meal at home.

Yet, when we are on the road, our routine goes out the window, and all of a sudden, we have time to honour this daily ritual that Mother Nature never fails to deliver on.  Yet, it doesn’t make sense to simply just stand anywhere and enjoy a sunset, as it often pays to pair this momentous occasion with an activity that enhances the experience.

As such, we’ve gone and highlighted three classic places and experiences that will make your sun down observance that much more special.  To begin, let’s start with…

1) On a Tropical Beach Anywhere in the Maldives – The archetypical place to watch the sun sink into the horizon is, of course, any tropical beach with a steady supply of surfside bars nearby.  The Maldives boasts flawless white sand, perfect aqua blue green waters, and many of the islands are isolated and a world away from the mega resorts found elsewhere.  Despite being a Muslim country, there are plenty of alcoholic beverages to give your banana shake an added edge, so you can toast the sun as it heads toward its daily destination.

2) Stonehenge, England – The mystery of human history contained at Stonehenge becomes even more intriguing when viewed through the lenses of a sunset.  Pagan religions that claim this site as their own stage celebrations during the summer and winter solstices, so if you are thinking of catching this historic site at sundown, try to plan your trip to spend your time here at those times.

3) Near Zermatt, Switzerland, in View of the Matterhorn – The stunning natural beauty of the Swiss Alps comes to an amazing climax in the Zermatt area, as it lies within very close range of one of the Alp’s most breathtaking peaks, the Matterhorn.  After a day spent going on many invigorating hikes in the immediate area, reward yourself with a sunset dinner at Bergrestaurant Findlerhof in the nearby hamlet of Findeln.  Enjoy dining on veal cutlets and truffle ravioli as the sinking sun casts its final light on the majestic Matterhorn, a fitting end to an action packed day!

There are countless occasions and places where one can truly enjoy a sunset.  Grab a drink, some snacks, and head to an area where the scenery enhances the sun’s curtain call for the day.  By observing the sun’s departure more often, it reminds you to make your days more special, so you’ll have excellent memories to reflect on as the day reaches its end.

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